The link below will take you to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans site, where you can download (PDF) the following research documents:

Catch-at-age of Northwest Atlantic harp seals, 1952-1999.
Stenson, G.B., B.P. Healey, B. Sjare, and D. Wakeham. CSAS Res. Doc. 2000/079.

1999 Pup production of harp seals, Phoca groenlandica, in
the Northwest Atlantic. 
  Stenson, G.B., M.O. Hammill, J.F. Gosselin, and B. Sjare. CSAS Res. Doc. 2000/080.

Estimating pup production and population size of the northwest Atlantic harp seal (Phoca groenlandica).   Healey, B.P., and G.B. Stenson. CSAS Res. Doc. 2000/081.

Estimating struck and loss rates for harp seals in the northwest Atlantic.  Sjare, B., and G.B. Stenson.
CSAS Res. Doc. 2000/076.

Recent estimates of reproductive rates for harp seals in the Northwest Atlantic.  Sjare, B., G.B. Stenson, and W.G. Warren.
CSAS Res. Doc. 2000/077.

Preliminary estimates of harp seal by-catch in the Newfoundland lumpfish fishery.  Walsh, D., B. Sjare, and G.B. Stenson. 
CSAS Res. DOc. 2000/078.